Unseen Female
Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Adele of Lillah is the youngest daughter of Arisse and Jael, half-sister of Corisande, Kevan and Charmion, and sister of Kiran and Thaddeus.

She was a classmate of Elodie's, and is described as a fierce sportswoman with a close relationship with her little step-brother Adair.

If Elodie speaks with Earl Fabian during Week 17, he will request Elodie keep Adair with his step-family should he die before Adair is of-age, citing his kinship with Adele in particular. This will give Elodie the idea of choosing Adele as Adair's legal guardian during Week 20, as Adele will have no vested political interests in the regency of Elath.