Unseen Child
Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 8

Anciet, Heir of Dis, is the son of Lieke and Bennett, half-brother of Gwenelle, and nephew of Banion and Brin.

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow, read at your own risk

While Anciet does not appear during gameplay, he is always a marriage candidate. But if Elodie has a 3 or higher in the hidden Cruelty stat he will not marry her. This does imply a high moral standard or kind personality.

In his marriage epilogue, Anciet grows up listening to in jokes for most of his life on the unlikely idea of him marrying Elodie, some 6-7 years his senior. By the time he is sixteen, he has decided in his heart that this idea is not so silly after all and fallen in love with the not yet married queen.

It is unclear if these events happen regardless because it is rare that Elodie stays unmarried for the eight years it would take for him to be old enough to attempt to court her without it being very awkward for Elodie.

It is quite possible that a kind and compassionate Elodie may always be Anciet's first love.


  • It should be noted that 3 is not a very high or hard to achieve cruelty score. She does not default to a cruel attitude until 5 and you can gain 3 points all at once from ordering most any of the executions.