Outfit - Hunt Coat

The Hunt Coat, the outfit unlocked by these skills.

Animal Handling is a category of skills that cover understanding and training of animals, in particular horses, dogs and birds of prey. 

Studying it unlocks the Hunt Coat outfit when you have 25 in each of the category's three skills. The Hunt Coat adds 10 points to each Animal Handling sub-skill when worn.

Weekend Activities Unlocked Edit

  • Go Hunt: Requires Horses >=40.

Mood Variables Edit

Animal Handling skills training is increased by the Depressed mood and penalized by the Angry mood.


















Points Description
10 You walk around the stables, meeting the royal horses, learning about their breeds and the names for different parts of their anatomy.
20 You learn about caring for horses: grooming with different brushes and keeping hooves free of stones.
30 You learn about the different pieces that go into saddles and bridles, how to check for signs of wear, and how to equip and adjust them on a horse.
40 You learn how to mount and dismount a horse, first with a boost and then from the ground.
50 You learn how to handle the reins and guide a horse around the field.
60 You practice different gaits; walking, trotting, cantering, and galloping.
70 You practice special maneuvers such as backing up or maneuvering in tight quarters.
80 You practice riding and jumping over small obstacles.
90 You ride over longer distances and handle natural obstacles as they occur.
100 You practice guiding the horse using only your knees so that your hands are free for other activities.


Points Description
10 You visit the kennels and learn about different breeds of dogs.
20 You learn about dog grooming and the most common diseases and injuries that dogs suffer from.
30 You learn the standard commands for working with trainable hunting dogs and retrievers.
40 You practice working with trained dogs in a small area, telling them to stay, search, and fetch.
50 You choose a young puppy and begin to raise him to respond to you over all others.
60 You roam around the castle and grounds with your dog, letting him learn his way while he becomes accustomed to the sights, smells, and sounds of the castle inhabitants.
70 You begin training your dog to follow simple commands such as following or staying in place.
80 You train your dog to search for hidden treats, items, and people.
90 You go for walks with your dog in the woods and invite him to fetch anything interesting that he can find.
100 You train your dog to perform silly tricks on command.


Points Description
10 You visit the mews and learn about different kinds of trainable birds, their preferred nesting sites, behavior, and food.
20 You learn about the fragility of hunting birds and the years of training necessary to develop mastery. Luckily, your royal falconer does most of the hard work for you.
30 You learn about the hood and leather jesses, how and when they are oiled, and how to keep them maintained and oiled.
40 You spend time with your chosen bird, speaking to her and letting her get to know you.
50 You don a heavy leather glove and encourage your bird to hop onto your fist.
60 You carefully feed tidbits to your bird while she rests on your glove.
70 You practice walking around holding the bird, attached to you by a short length to ensure she doesn't fly away.
80 <You practice whirling a lure overhead for your bird to catch before calling her back to your hand.
90 You practice playing with the lure, making it more difficult for the bird so that it takes multiple passes to grab her 'prey'.
100 You take your bird out for free flights to catch small prey on her own and return to you.