Duke of Mazomba

Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Age: 30

Armand, Duke of Mazomba, is the younger brother of Joslyn and Elodie's uncle.

He's noted for having remained single to his age - which is considered unusual and mildly scandalous - and for not having much of a relationship with his only niece. Other than that, he has a very minor role, and it's possible to finish the game without him getting more than a passing comment.

Involvement Edit

Week 17 Edit

If Elodie passes the Court Manners >40 and Intrigue >40 checks, she may choose to dance with Armand. There are no particular effects for doing so, but he's noted to be uncomfortable during the dance.

If Elodie faces a vote of no-confidence, he will always vote in Elodie's favor, no matter her previous actions.

Week 22 Edit

Armand is a possible candidate for guardianship of Adair. Choosing him will cause a loss of -10 Noble Approval and may displease Arisse, but will also guarantee Adair's safety and keep Elath's forces out of Arisse's control should a civil war take place later.

Epilogues Edit

If Joslyn lives to the end of the game, and isn't pressured or convinced to remarry, the epilogue mentions how he remains a widower for the rest of his life, redirecting any romantic attentions to his younger brother Armand.

If Joslyn dies, and Elodie has the Merva family exterminated, the epilogue mentions that despite being her only remaining relative Armand completely refuses to have anything to do with Elodie anymore.

Trivia Edit

  • His portrait is a combination of Joslyn's face and Talarist's (recolored) hair with different clothes.