Royal familyEdit

  • Fidelia, the late Queen of Nova, a Lumen
  • Joslyn, Duke of Caloris, King-Dowager
  • Elodie, Crown Princess and first in line to the Novan throne, a potential Lumen
  • Laurent, Duke of Merva, Fidelia's brother and second in line to the throne
  • Lucille, Countess of Nix and Duchess-Consort of Merva
  • Charlotte, Lady Merva, Elodie's cousin and third in line for the throne
  • Armand, Duke of Mazomba, Joslyn's brother


Dukes and Duchesses of NovaEdit

  • Arisse, Duchess of Lillah, "Nova's Eastern Queen"
  • Banion, Duke of Maree
  • Brin, Duchess of Hellas
  • Corisande, Duchess of Mead, Arisse's daughter
  • Fabian, Earl of Titan, regent of Elath and Arisse's third husband
  • Julianna, Duchess of Ursul, a Lumen
  • Lieke, Countess of Dis, regent of Sudbury
  • Severin, Duke of Kigal, Arisse's son-in-law

Other Lords and LadiesEdit

  • Adair, Lord Elath, the prospective Duke of Elath
  • Bennett, Earl-Consort of Dis, Brin and Banion's brother
  • Briony, Lady Mead, Elodie's friend from school
  • Charmion, Duchess-Consort of Kigal, Arisse's daughter
  • Erwin, Earl of Ishtar, Adair's grandfather
  • Gwenelle, Lady Sudbury, Elodie's friend from school
  • Ignatius, Duke-Consort of Mead, Julianna's brother
  • Kevan, Earl of Io, Arisse's son
  • Sirin, Countess of Miranda and Callisto

Other charactersEdit