WARNING: Use of the debugger can cause your game to crash. Use with caution.

The Debugger console allows you to enter codes that manipulate the game in various ways, allowing you to set skills, unlock outfits, and more. Some of the codes aren't well explored or documented yet, so only the most useful and basic ones appear here.

More information on use of the Debugger can be found on the official Long Live the Queen forums. In particular, this thread contains some more basic information and things to watch out for, as well as some of the basic codes listed here and a few of the more advanced ones.

Use these codes at your own risk. The use of them may crash your game. It has been confirmed that the codes work in Steam, Hanako and GoG bought copies. Be sure to pay attention to capitalization, spacing, and formatting (such as spaces and underscores), otherwise the codes may not work or, while unlikely, the game may crash.

The Debugger can be found either under Preferences > Video in current versions, or on the Main Menu in older versions.

After entering your codes, be sure to hit Enter twice (i.e. hit Enter on a blank line) to run them or they will not work! You can submit multiple codes in a row without double-Entering and all submitted codes will run (granted they are spelled correctly, have the right underscores, etc.)

Set Money (Lassi)Edit

This code allows you to set the amount of Lassi in the Royal Treasury.

Type lassi=X, where X is a number from 0 to 9999.

e.g. To set the Treasury to 9999 Lassi, type: lassi=9999

Set SkillsEdit

With these codes, Elodie's skills may be changed temporarily or permanently. The temporary codes can be useful for passing (or failing) a one-off skill check, which can help push Elodie toward a specific ending or achievement. Sometimes, additional information, encounters, or dialog options can be unlocked by failing certain skill checks.

Be aware that by using these codes to raise skills above 25, some outfits may not become unlocked without also using the outfit unlock code.

Temporary Skill ChangeEdit

To temporarily change a skill (goes back to normal at the end of the week/beginning of the new week):

Type skill_name=X, where X is between 0 and 100.

e.g. To set Public Speaking to 75, type: public_speaking=75

Permanent Skill ChangeEdit

To permanently change a skill (will not show up in Skills until the new week, however, the change goes into effect immediately):

Type skill_name_=X where X is between 0 and 100. Note the ending underscore.

e.g. To permanently set Public Speaking to 75, type: public_speaking_=75

If you want to see skill changes you've made right away, change Elodie's outfit and the skills screen will be updated.

Skill ListEdit

The following are the skills that can be manipulated with the skill change commands. Note the Voice skill must be typed as voice_skill, not voice.

  • Royal Demeanor: composure, elegance, presence
  • Conversation: public_speaking, court_manners, flattery
  • Expression: decoration, instrument, voice_skill
  • Agility: dance, reflexes, flexibility
  • Weapons: swords, archery, polearms
  • Athletics: running, climbing, swimming
  • Animal Handling: horses, dogs, falcons
  • History: novan_history, foreign_affairs, world_history
  • Intrigue: internal_affairs, foreign_intelligence, ciphering
  • Medicine: herbs, battlefield_medicine, poison
  • Economics: accounting, trade, production
  • Military: strategy, naval_strategy, logistics
  • Faith: meditation, divination, lore
  • Lumen: sense_magic, resist_magic, wield_magic

Unlock OutfitsEdit

These codes will unlock the outfits Elodie receives when she increases all of the skills in a certain category above 25. These can be useful if you've applied some of the skill codes above to increase Elodie's skills past 25, as putting in the codes will not unlock outfits.

To unlock an outfit:

Type unlocked_outfits.add('Outfit Name') where Outfit Name is one of the following:

  • Royal Demeanor
  • Conversation
  • Expression
  • Agility
  • Weapons
  • Athletics
  • Animal Handling
  • History
  • Intrigue
  • Medicine
  • Economics
  • Military
  • Faith
  • Lumen

Be sure to type the command in lowercase and the name of the outfit as it appears, or it may not work, as this command appears to be case sensitive.

Change moodEdit

Moods can only be increased. If you want to decrease a mood, this is done by increasing the mood at the opposite end of the bar. So if you want to decrease Afraid, you should increase Angry.

Type inc_mood() where mood is angry, afraid, cheerful, depressed, willful, yielding, lonely, or pressured. Make sure everything is in lowercase. This will increase the chosen mood by 1.

The mood change will take effect instantly, and Elodie's portrait will change accordingly, but your skill bonuses won't be changed until the next week.

If you want the skill bonuses to change immediately, use the code update_bonuses()

Tracking hidden statsEdit

These codes will print the current values of hidden stats:

ui.text("commoner_approval=%s" % commoner_approval)

ui.text("noble_approval=%s" % noble_approval)

ui.text("cruelty=%s" % cruelty)

ui.text("lassi=%s" % lassi)

Cheat Script Edit

You can place a script in your main game directory and run it with the command:


Here's a script that lets you use the cheats on this page more easily:

class MyClass:
	skills = ['composure','elegance','presence','public_speaking','court_manners','flattery','decoration','instrument','voice_skill','dance','reflexes','flexibility','swords','archery','polearms','running','climbing','swimming','horses','dogs','falcons','novan_history','foreign_affairs','world_history','internal_affairs','foreign_intelligence','ciphering','herbs','battlefield_medicine','poison','accounting','trade','production','strategy','naval_strategy','logistics','meditation','divination','lore','sense_magic','resist_magic','wield_magic']
	outfits = ['Royal Demeanor','Conversation','Expression','Agility','Weapons','Athletics','Animal Handling','History','Intrigue','Medicine','Economics','Military','Faith','Lumen']
	stats = ['commoner_approval','noble_approval','cruelty','lassi']
	moods = ['angry','cheerful','willful','pressure','afraid','depressed','yielding','lonely']
	bonuses = ['royal_demeanor_bonus','conversation_bonus','expression_bonus','agility_bonus','weapons_bonus','athletics_bonus','animal_handling_bonus','history_bonus','intrigue_bonus','medicine_bonus','economics_bonus','military_bonus','faith_bonus','lumen_bonus']
	output = ""
	minBonus = 0
	minSkill = 0
	original = {}
	original['update_adjusted_stats'] = update_adjusted_stats
	original['update_bonuses'] = update_bonuses

	def line(self, s):
		self.output = self.output + s + '\n'

	def display(self):

	def clear(self):
		self.output = ""

	def resetMoods(self):
		for i in range(4):
			for j in range(10):
				exec('inc_' + self.moods[i] + '()')
			for k in range(5):
				exec('inc_' + self.moods[i + 4] + '()')

	def setMood(self, m, n):
		mood1 = self.moods[m % 8]
		mood2 = self.moods[((m + 4) % 8)]
		self.line('resetting {0} then setting {1}'.format(mood1, mood2))
		for i in range(10):
			exec('inc_' + mood1 + '()')
		for i in range(5 - n):
			exec('inc_' + mood2 + '()')

	def unlockAllOutfits(self):
		for o in self.outfits:

	def setMinBonus(self, n):
		for b in self.bonuses:
			if globals()[b] < n:
				globals()[b] = n

	def setMinSkills(self, n):
		for skill in self.skills:
			if globals()[skill] < n:
				globals()[skill] = n

	def showStats(self):
		for stat in self.stats:
			self.line("{0}: {1}".format(stat, globals()[stat]))

my = MyClass()

my.line('Loaded cheat script')
my.line('my.setMinSkills(n) - will be reset when skills change')
my.line('my.setMinBonus(n) - will be reset when mood changes')
my.line('my.setMood(mood, value) - mood 0-3 on top, 4-7 on bottom')
my.line('my.minBonus = value - automatically updates bonuses')
my.line('my.minSkill = value - automatically updates skills')

my.minBonus = 50
my.minSkill = 100

def update_adjusted_stats():

def update_bonuses():


For instance, to set the bonus for all skill categories to 50 (without lowering it if some are over 50), use this command:


To make sure yielding is your mood, reset all modes then set yielding (index 6, start counting at 0 from top left) to 5:


my.setMood(6, 5)

setMinskills sets the active amount and not the base, so it will be reset when you change outfits or if a skill changes.


If you want to maintain a minimum skill value or bonus, set the values of my.minBonus and my.minSkill (the script sets these to 50 and 100). The script overwrites the default functions update_bonuses() and update_adjusted_stats() and will take those minimum values into account whenever the current values need to be updated.