Commoner Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Alice (Sister)
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother

Evrard is a commoner, the brother of Elodie's maid, Alice. He works at their father's bakery and comes to the royal palace to visit his sister. It's possible to romance Evrard. The romance has several possible endings, but only the best ending unlocks the achievement of marrying a commoner.

Evrard was added to the game in the first expansion, after the Steam Greenlight.

Achievement Edit

  1. Allow the Duchess of Ursul to stay. You can imprison her, and then talk to release her, but this raises your cruelty level, and if you're too cruel, you can't marry Evrard. After letting her stay, visit her at least once.
  2. Get Climb skill to 20. After the scene where you witness the Duchess of Ursul talking to the priestess, you hear something. Choose 'climb over the hedge and look' to spot a boy running off and eating apples from your garden.
  3. Get court manners to 50. There will be an event where you meet Evrard in the garden. Don't arrest him. Let him leave.
  4. Don't go to Gwenelle's birthday party. Stay home.
  5. Get Court Manners to 90 to help prevent a noble rebellion. There will be another scene with Evrard. Sneak out to meet him, and eat the cookie he offers you.
  6. Win the naval war. There are several ways to achieve this. Get Intrigue high and ask your dad to watch out for 'foreign threats'. Build ships and get extra troops. Max. military score and be a Lumen with high Wield Magic and Get Climb above 60, to win the battle.
  7. Don't agree to marry anyone else. You get a scene where you have a choice of whom to marry, Evrard will be selectable. You will have an epilogue where Elodie marries Evrard.
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