Fabian, Earl of Titan, is the father of Adair, who holds the duchy of Elath in trust for him until his death of old age (Week 20). An omen can warn Elodie of his impending death, allowing her to discuss the matter of his son's regency with her at the Grand Ball (Week 17). Fabian then expresses his wish that Adair be placed with his step-sister, Adele, who is close to him in age and very fond of him. He will also mention a dispute between himself and Erwin, Earl of Ishtar, regarding "who should have known better". 

Fabian has been married three times. His second wife, Cayleigh, was the ill-fated Duchess of Elath, Erwin's daughter and Adair's mother, who died very young. His third wife is Arisse, Duchess of Lillah. He is sixty at the time of his death, which hints at the typical life expectancy for Novan nobility.