The Priestess Robe, the outfit unlocked by these skills.

Faith is a category of skills that cover knowledge of spiritual matters, as well as magic-related lore. 

Studying it unlocks the Priestess Robe outfit when you have 25 in each of the category's three skills. The Priestess Robe adds 10 points to each Faith sub-skill when worn.

Mood Variables[edit | edit source]

Faith skills training is increased by the Yielding, Afraid and Pressured moods and penalized by the Lonely mood.

















Meditation[edit | edit source]

Points Description
10 You practice assuming a sitting position that allows you to be relaxed and tranquil without being so relaxed that you are likely to fall asleep.
20 You close your eyes and relax every muscle of your body in turn, letting that feeling travel down through you from your head to your fingertips and toes.
30 You take slow, deep breaths, letting that air move through your body, feeling it give you life and energy.
40 You stare into a polished crystal ball and relax, letting your mind wander.
50 You close your eyes and visualize the crystal ball floating in front of your eyes.
60 You close your eyes and visualize a crystal ball floating through the air, moving past your eyes and into your mind, filling you with light.
70 You learn to visualize the space around you so that you can 'see' the whole room with your eyes closed.
80 You discover that if you put yourself into the right frame of mind, your entire body begins to glow faintly.
90 You discover that if you put yourself into the right frame of mind, you reallycan see with your eyes closed.
100 You discover that if you put yourself in the right frame of mind, you can sense things happening nearby rooms, even behind closed doors.

Divination[edit | edit source]

Points Description
10 You learn that the gods cannot be forced to divulge information about the future, and that the most powerful omens are those which arrive unexpectedly.
20 Dropping your favorite plate is bad luck. A statue spontaneously shattering is a bad omen.
30 You read about well-known signs of bad fortune: wells touring sour, dry lightning, strange fish caught in nets, malformed babies being born, and so on.
40 You read about signs that have presaged famous disasters, such as the seas running red before the Doomshadow fell upon Nova two hundred years ago.
50 You read about King Latimer, and how he knew he was destined for greatness when he saw the shape of a crown in a spider's web.
60 You read about animal omens, in particular the flights of birds.
70 You learn about signs which sometimes appear in grounds or leaves at the bottom of a cup.
80 You study the interpretation of dreams, with warnings that dreams are easily forgotten, misremembered, or warped by thoughts and desires rather than true vision.
90 You study the stars and learn about the omens they hold, with warnings that the stars are seen by all and their portents may not be meant for you.
100 You learn that priestesses have other ways of requesting omens from the gods, but that they won't share them with someone not initiated into the mysteries.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Points Description
10 Only a Lumen can channel magic, and only with the help of an attuned crystal. The ability to control a crystal seems to be inherited, so crystals can be passed from parent to child... upon the Lumen's death.
20 The kings and queens of Nova have all been Lumens for centuries, but in modern times, magic is only used for ceremonial occasions and the direst of emergencies.
30 Long, long ago, the continent of Borealis was ruled over by a single Witch-King, until a rival line of Lumens challenged for the crown. The resulting war went on for a hundred years with powerful spells that damaged the land so badly that even now, no plants will grow.
40 Legend has it that long ago, a horde of Yeveni on the back of tentacled monsters rode into the valley of Mead laying waste to all in their path. Their conquest was only halted when a Lumen raised a great flood to drown the invaders.
50 Legend says that the island domain of Malini was once a single island instead of a crater, until an invading Novan queen raised a terrible pillar of fire that shattered the land into pieces.
60 At the height of the Novan Empire, all major Dukes and Duchesses were Lumens, and they conquered their enemies with beams of light and terrible summoned monsters. Those monsters eventually broke loose, killing their captors and destroying the Old Capital on Kathre Lake. The resulting chaos shook the Empire.
70 Two hundred years ago, a great force of darkness covered Nova, threatening to wipe out all life in the domain. It took the self-sacrifice of the Queen and her complement of Lumens to defeat that doom. Only the Duke of Ursul refused to join in that defense and therefore survived.
80 A Lumen once tried to lift the curse from an enchanted spring whose water was poisonous and glowed green. After dispelling the magic, she tasted the water and fell dead - the green flow was a not a curse, but a spell placed by a Lumen long before to warn everyone away from the spring's natural poison.
90 A Lumen may willingly surrender control of his or her magic to another. This was how the Novan Empire came to dominate the world - a growing force of Lumens focused on a single ruler, granting that King or Queen immense power.
100 It is believed that strong magical power attracts danger. Therefore, after the Doomshadow was banished, the crystals of the fallen Dukes and Duchesses were destroyed. Only the crown - and the duchy of Ursul - maintain active Lumens.
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