Hanako Games is a British independant game design group and co-creator of Long Live the Queen.

Founded and largely run by Georgina Bensley ("Hanako"). Most of their games belong to the genres of Adventure Games, Visual Novels, or Raising Sims, though they also frequently have Dating Sim underpinnings and RPG Elements. Art style is heavily Anime-influenced. Most of their games are designed to appeal to girls and young women, but the group has stated their aim to avoid "girl show" and "shoujo" stereotyping. Some of their most ambitious storytelling has earned their games a respectably-sized male fanbase as well.

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From the official website:

Georgina Bensley once had a ColecoVision, and it gave her a lifelong fondness for games that are small and simple but well-designed and fun. Some of her favorites since then include the classic Quest adventure games from Sierra, the never-officially-released Princess Maker, and the excellent Fallout RPG series. She prefers a good story to a twitchy-trigger-finger challenge, and feels that the world does not need yet another 3D action game. She is also a fan of anime, which is reflected in the company name and graphical design of games.

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