The Scholar's Gown, the outfit unlocked by these skills.

History is a category of skills that cover understanding of local, foreign and world history.

Studying it unlocks the Scholar's Gown outfit when you have 25 in each of the category's three skills. The Scholar's Gown adds 10 points to each History sub-skill when worn.

Mood Variables[edit | edit source]

History skills training is increased by the Yielding mood and penalized by the Willful and Pressured moods.

















Novan History[edit | edit source]

Points Description
10 You read about the history of your domain. Hundreds of years ago, Nova was the center of a great empire, spanning the length of the western coast as well as a few island territories. Over time, your influence has waned.
20 Nova's history involves an endless slew of names and dates. Even as small as it's become, there are ten dukedoms - no, eleven now - plus the royal line. You hope no one expects you to memorise every lineage.
30 No individual may hold more than one dukedom, but nobles seek noble spouses, so titles often come together before being parceled out to heirs. Your father is Duke of Caloris, and his brother is Duke of Mazomba; Brin, Duchess of Hellas, is the sister of Banion, Duke of Maree, and so on.
40 Arisse, Duchess of Lillah, is the mother of the Duchess of Mead, the mother-in-law of the Duke of Kigal, and the stepmother of the future Duke of Elath. People sometimes call her Nova's Eastern Queen.
50 The Duchy of Sudbury is currently held in regency by Countess Lieke of Dis for her daughter Gwenelle, who is your age. She inherited the duchy last year upon the death of her father.
60 The last two rulers before your mother, Queen Fidelia, were your grandmother, Queen Ladesh, and her father, King Fulbert.
70 About sixty years ago, the Duchess of Merva died with no close heirs, and King Fulbert claimed the lands for the keeping of the crown. After your mother took the throne, she re-created the duchy and made her brother, your uncle, its Duke.
80 About two hundred years ago, a great black cloud formed over Nova, bringing cold and sickness. The sun could not shine, and the air was gritty and foul-smelling. Many people died, including the queen at the time and most of the high nobility, before the cloud finally dissipated.
90 Until about six hundred years ago, the capital of Nova was on the shores of Kathre Lake, in southern Caloris. After that became uninhabitable, a new capital was built here on Lampsi Island. It was the chaos of that period which triggered the eventual collapse of the empire.
100 The most famous ruler of ancient Nova was King Latimer. According to the history texts, he began the policy of "gathering light" which led to the predominance of the Empire. Unfortunately, the texts don't explain what exactly that policy was. There's a reference, but that volume is missing.

Foreign Affairs[edit | edit source]

Points Description
10 You study the relationship between Nova and its nearest neighbors. The borders have been mostly peaceful in recent years, except for the problems with Ixion to the south. However, trouble may be brewing in Pyrias as well.
20 Four years ago, The Duchess of Hellas tried to forment an insurrection in northern Ixion, just over the Galbern River border. Not only did that fail, but in retaliation, Ixion pushed troops into southern Maree, and they are still refusing to leave.
30 Tombula, to the north, underwent a peasant revolution shortly after you were born. The nobles either fled or were killed, and the new rulers have so far refused to establish official diplomatic ties with Nova. While they are not friendly, neither are they enemies, at least not yet.
40 Southeast lies the domain of Talasse, with which we have enjoyed fairly cordial relations. Sedna, their chief province, borders the Novan duchy of Elath, and nobles from the two provinces have been known to intermarry.
50 The duchy of Lillah was not part of the pre-imperial Nova domain, but the western range of the Yeveh nomads. A faction of Yeveni who wished to settle offered their allegiance willingly to a Novan queen, and their chief was named a Duke.
60 Because the Lillans are descended from Yeveni castouts who were officially shunned, the Yeveh nomads do not acknowledge that Lillah even exists. They treat their western border as an invisible wall, and Novan emissaries as travelers from an impossibly distant land.
70 Over the mountains to the northeast lie the deserts of the Pyrias tribes, who are traditionally hostile to Nova but too lacking in resources to mount a credible threat. Small groups of Pyrian raiders are sometimes found in Kigal and Sudbury.
80 The domain of Terrax, far to the south, has warred with Ixion on and off for centuries, even when both were part of the Novan empire. Your grandmother assisted the Ixionites in putting down the last disagreement thirty-two years ago.
90 The island domain of Malini was once a small outpost of the Novan empire, but was simply forgotten about in the chaos six hundred years ago. They were so pleased to have gained their independence without violence that they have remained a strong trade partner to this day.
100 You learn that in the decline of the Novan empire, slave-raiders from Orcus terrorised the western coastline, until your paternal great-grandfather, then-Duke of Caloris, led a fleet to their capitol and came back with most of their treasury.

World History[edit | edit source]



10 You look at a globe of the world, reading names of places so distant you can't remember ever hearing about them, and other areas left blank because no explorer venturing there has ever returned.
20 You read about the western continent, Jiavar, where civilisation flourished so long ago that the ancestral Novans were still living in caves. No one knows what became of them; the population vanished without a trace, leaving only their enormous stone buildings.
30 In the distant past, the Yevani tribes to the east rode great beasts with spines and tentacles on their heads instead of horses. The bones of these creatures are sometimes found in Lillah and Mead, and their tusks are valuable to crafters.
40 You read about the northern continent, Borealis, where the first Lumens in history were recorded, and how the discovery of magic shaped their development.
50 You read about the hundred-year war which left much of Borealis uninhabitable and created a power vaccuum which would eventually be filled by the growing power of Nova.
60 Borealis now is mostly made up of tiny domains containing no more than a few village-like settlements each, officially ruled over by the shamanic Lumens. They have few resources and live primarily from the sea.
70 You read a brief history of the rise and fall of the Novan empire. There was a time where it seemed likely that Nova would grow to cover the entire world, but it all came apart.
80 The Novan Empire once had outposts on the western continent, but was driven out six hundred years ago. The most important domain in that area today is Shanjia.
90 Until two hundred years ago, Shanjia was not a true domain, but a confederation of trading city-states, each largely independent except for the limited rule of an elected council. An internal dispute led to the eventual victorious general declaring himself king.
100 In recent years, the queen of Shanjia has pursued an expansionist policy, conquering several smaller domains nearby and bringing them under her control.
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