Ixion is Nova's southern neighbouring country. At the start of the game, they will be in a territorial dispute with the Novan duchy of Maree. Elodie will have to find a way to solve this dispute during Week 9.

Said dispute is the result of Brin, Duchess of Hellas, fomenting an insurrection in nothern Ixion, just over the Galbern River border four years ago. Her plan was a failure, and in retaliation Ixion pushed troops into southern Maree, territory of the duchess' brother Banion (Foreign Affairs - 20).

Ixion has been an enemy of the domain of Terrax for centuries, even during their time as part of the Novan Empire. Elodie's grandmother assisted the Ixionites during their latest clash thirty-two years ago (Foreign Affairs - 80). Elodie can use this information to drive the Ixionites away from Maree in Week 10.

If Elodie surrendered part of Maree to Ixion, and with Court Manners - 60, she may call upon military support to fight the Shanjian fleet during Week 35.