Unseen Male
Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Jael, former Duke-Consort of Lillah, was Arisse's second husband and father of Kiran, Thaddeus and Adele.

He was a commoner who married into nobility, and soon started abusing his power. He had a long history of violence and was rumored to have assaulted Cayleigh before the latter's marriage and death. He also raped his stepson Kevan; this was witnessed by his son Thaddeus, who grew up traumatized by the event.

After years of marriage, the Duchess of Lillah divorced him. While the public remains unknowing of the reason, it's very likely that his abuse of Kevan was the reason. When this didn't deter his attempts to approach Kevan, Arisse had him killed and his body abandoned in a forest, making it look like an accident. Ever since, Arisse and Kevan remain estranged.

Trivia Edit

  • While never made explicit, it can be theorised that Arisse married him out of love. This is supported by Arisse's political mindset contradicting her decision to marry a commoner, and the controversy this would bring to their union, his eventual criminal history notwithstanding.
  • A distinct possibility exists that if Kevan is non-heterosexual Jael's predatory "affections" may have preyed on a genuine attraction to his stepfather or even just general same sex attraction that Keven himself may not have fully understood.
  • It is also quite possible Jael insured Kevan's silence many abusers & rapists throughout history, shifting blame for the pain they have caused. In this case he likely had Kevan convinced he was a co-conspirator in Jael's betrayal Arrise.
  • Jael is without a doubt the most universally reviled character in the entire game.