Unseen Female
Royal Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Around her 30's or 40's
  • Togami (Husband)
  • Two unnamed daughters

Junko, Queen of Shanjia, is Togami's wife. She is descended from a general who, two centuries ago, emerged victorious from an unificating war in Shanjia and claimed the crown for himself.

Years ago she took Togami, then a lowly court musician, as a consort and gave him equal claim to the crown, along with their children. She's currently pursuing an expansionist campaign led by her husband, who for his part has other motivations.

Her actions suggest she is an authoritarian leader who holds her court on a very short leash, even if the true power over the nation is on Togami's hands. It's slightly hinted that her rule is not a very popular one, with many political forces waiting to turn on her, but also too afraid of Togami and Junko's short temper to act on it.

She is very devoted to her family, and will demonstrate it in one of the epilogues: If Elodie duels and kills Togami, she swears revenge against Elodie and even delivers her the head of one of the shanjian ministers who tried to negotiate with Nova after Togami's death. Her devotion also leaves her blindingly hypocrital, as she brazenly curses Elodie for leaving her children without their father, while she herself had a hand in orphaning the young Elodie.

It's not known how knowledgeable she is of her husband's ploys. At the very least she's conscious of his status as a Lumen, as he exploits it to wage war on other nations.

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