Unseen Male
Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Kiran, Heir of Lillah, is the son of Arisse and Jael, half-brother of Corisande, Kevan and Charmion, and older brother of Thaddeus and Adele. For reasons only known to the Lillah family, he was made heir of the duchy over his brother Kevan.

Elodie describes him as physically attractive, but other than that there's not much given about him.

Should Elodie have Arisse assassinated, executed or exiled, Kiran will become Duke of Lillah. This will also make him a marriage candidate, but neither of the outcomes will be positive for Elodie:

  • If Arisse was executed or exiled at the end of the civil war, Kiran insists he doesn't hold a grudge, but at the same time he cannot accept Elodie's proposal.
  • If Arisse was secretly assassinated, Kiran will happily accept Elodie's proposal, initially ignorant of her role in Arisse's death. However, some time later he finds documents implicating Elodie in the assassination, and begins preparations for a coup as retaliation.