Unseen Male
Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Linley of Kigal is the second son of Severin and Charmion, grandson of Arisse, and nephew of Kevan and Corisande. He used to attend the same boarding school as Elodie, and there are hints that he may have a crush on her.

He's one of Elodie's marriage options, available if she dances with him and reaches Week 39 without previous engagements. See below for details.

Involvement Edit

Week 17 Edit

He's a potential dancing partner during the Grand Ball, choose "Someone about your age" to dance with him. This will unlock him as a marriage candidate during Week 39 and ensure his father's support if the vote of no-confidence comes up.

If Elodie doesn't dance with him, he won't be mentioned again for the rest of the game.

Week 39 and Epilogues Edit

If Elodie danced with Linley and isn't engaged before her coronation, Linley will be among the marriage candidates. However, Elodie must have low Cruelty for him to accept her proposal; it's not explicitly shown that he rejects her if she's too cruel, but she will move on to marry a foreign duke or remain unwed entirely after proposing Linley.

Linley will be made Duke of Elath if Adair dies on Week 26, and Elodie chooses to elevate "a son of the Duke of Kigal" to the duchy. If Elodie danced with him on Week 17, and is not engaged or persuaded to delay marriage, then this is mentioned briefly on Week 39, as well as the Epilogue should they ultimately wed.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about him since he lacks dialogue and only appears in one scene and epilogue.

During the Grand Ball, Elodie describes him as kind, studious and polite.

There are some hints that he harbors a crush on Elodie. This is more evident during his epilogue, where he's described as sweet and extremely protective of Elodie, which she finds both endearing and frustrating, and together they bear four children.

He seems to have strong moral standards, given his refusal to marry a cruel Elodie.

Marriage Conditions Edit

During the dance of the Grand Ball of Week 17, choose "Someone about your age" to dance with Linley.

If Elodie reaches Week 39 without becoming engaged, Linley will be among the marriage options.

To get his epilogue, Elodie must reach coronation with less than 5 points in Cruelty. If not, then he will reject her proposal.