All the unlockable dresses

All the unlockable dresses

Outfits are unlocked after gaining 25 points in each skill group category. Wearing an outfit boosts each of the three skills in said category by +10 points, which is useful as an extra push to pass skill checks.

List of Outfits Edit

  • Boarding School Uniform - No bonus
  • Coronet - Boosts Royal Demeanor (+10 to Composure, Elegance and Presence).
  • Tea Dress - Boosts Conversation (+10 to Public Speaking, Court Manners and Flattery).
  • Toga - Boosts Expression (+10 to Decoration, Instrumental and Voice).
  • Scholar's Gown - Boosts History (+10 to Novan History, Foreign Affairs and World History).
  • Catsuit - Boosts Intrigue (+10 to Internal Affairs, Foreign Intelligence and Ciphering).
  • Nurse's Gown - Boosts Medicine (+10 to Herbs, Battlefield Medicine and Poison).
  • Tuxedo - Boosts Economics (+10 to Accounting, Trade and Production).
  • Uniform - Boosts Military (+10 to Strategy, Naval Strategy and Logistics).
  • Tutu - Boosts Agility (+10 to Dance, Reflexes and Flexibility).
  • Tabard - Boosts Weapons (+10 to Swords, Archery and Polearms).
  • Exercise Gear - Boosts Athletics (+10 to Running, Swimming and Climbing).
  • Hunt Coat - Boosts Animal Handling (+10 to Horses, Dogs and Falcons).
  • Priestess Robe - Boosts Faith (+10 to Meditation, Divination and Lore).
  • Magical Girl - Boosts Lumen (+10 to Sense Magic, Resist Magic and Wield Magic).

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