Unseen Male
Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Lumen
Gender: Male
Age: Died at old age

Paulus, the late Duke of Ursul, was the father of Ignatius and Julianna. For reasons unknown he named Julianna as his successor instead of his firstborn Ignatius.

He was a controversial figure in high society, for being a publicly-known Lumen and for his relationship with the infamous Hyacinth. He may have also been bisexual or homosexual, since it's not certain if fathering children was because of his interest in women or political compromise.

There's evidence that Julianna takes after him in personality and interests. It can be speculated that Paulus chose her as his heir because he related more to her than Ignatius. It's also possible that Ignatius refused his father's crystal as to not become a social outcast, which in the Ursul family is the same as refusing the duchy.