Outfit - Coronet

The Coronet, the outfit unlocked by these skills.

Royal Demeanor is a classification of skills that cover proficiency at composure, elegance, and imposing presence.

Studying it unlocks the Coronet outfit when you have 25 in each of the category's three skills. The Coronet adds 10 points to each Royal Demeanor sub-skill when worn.

Mood Variables Edit

Royal Demeanor skills training is increased by the Yielding mood and penalized by the Afraid, Angry, Depressed, Willful, and Lonely moods.


















Points Description
10 You practice deep breathing exercises, learning to find and maintain a sense of inner calm.
20 You practice positive thinking, maintaining a good self-image, and conditioning yourself to carry on rather than be frustrated by any past misstep.
30 You practice sitting calmly while your teacher circles around you and makes unexpected loud noises at random intervals.
40 At your command, your teacher strikes your palm with a leather tawse, and you learn to bear the sting.
50 You lie on a couch and try to remain relaxed while your teacher smacks your heels with a leather tawse.
60 You are strapped into tight, heavy armor and made to walk around in it, learning that any attempt at sudden movement will catch painfully or trip you up. Slow and steady is the way to go.
70 Your teacher smears your body and clothes with strawberry jam and makes you walk around like that for hours, facing the funny looks and snickers aimed at you without hiding or becoming angry.
80 You practice walking over smoldering coals with bare feet. So long as you keep moving steadily and do not panic and freeze or run, you are not burned.
90 Your teacher gathers up some of the castle staff to shout insults at you, while you practice staying calm (and not bursting into laughter).
100 Your teacher instructs you in a game of cards, teaching you to bluff with a straight face.


Points Description
10 You practice walking along a narrow rail, taking each step carefully and focusing on your balance.
20 You practice standing and walking with books balanced on your head.
30 You practice the elegant way to hold and sip from a teacup, your pinky slightly extended for balance.
40 You are strapped into a corset and hoop skirt, and practice walking with these: the corset makes it hard to breathe and twist, and the skirt sways out of control if you move too rapidly.
50 You practice graceful arm gestures for every motion, from offering your hand for a kiss to taking hold of a banister at the stairs.
60 You practice eating slowly and with a minimum of mess, chewing each bite a set number of times before swallowing.
70 You practice standing up, sitting down, and picking up items from the floor. Bend at the knees, not at the waist.
80 You practice speaking and laughing quietly, not trying to disappear or go unheard, but focusing your energy into a smaller space so that it draws people closer.
90 You practice sitting quietly and listening to the conversations of others without becoming bored or restless.
100 You practice standing in attractive positions, in full costume, and maintaining those poses for long periods of time.


Points Description
10 You practice wearing the royal regalia and looking at yourself in a mirror. Young as you are, you are a queen of the blood. You are your mother's daughter. You are a force to be reckoned with.
20 You stare at yourself in the mirror and practice focusing and transmitting energy with only your eyes, turning the "intensity" of your gaze on and off at will.
30 You practice using different styles of breathing in order to feel more energetic and to let that energy surround you for others to share.
40 You plant your feet in a strong stance, imagining that you are a tree, deeply rooted in the earth. You can feel that power within you and know that you will not be pushed aside.
50 You practice focusing your attention on individuals as you pass, letting them feel a brief connection with you before you formally acknowledge them with a nod.
60 You practice being aware of your environment, seeing everything as it transpires around you and feeling that you are in control of it all.
70 You practice giving commands to the castle staff, neither asking nor demanding, but telling them what needs to be done. As long as you believe it to be true, they will as well.
80 You practice watching people and willing them to feel your gaze on them. Inevitably, they will be drawn to you.
90 You imagine things that you want to happen in the near future, and then convince yourself and others that those things will happen.
100 You organise a group of castle staff and coach them through carrying out a complicated, multi-stage task.