Shanjia is a country across the sea, in the western continent of Jiavar. Out of all foreign countries, this is the most involved in the events of the game.

It's currently ruled by Queen Junko, but the true power is held by her husband, King-Consort Togami. Togami himself is a very controversial figure: he was a court musician, a commoner, whom the queen took as a consort and gave equal claim to the crown (along with their children), and also a Lumen who leads the queen's campaign of conquest for personal interests (Foreign Intelligence - 90 & 100).

The area that is now Shanjia once contained western outposts of the Novan Empire, but became independent after the empire lost its power six hundred years ago (World History - 80). Until two hundred years ago, Shanjia was a confederation of independent trading city-states with a limited rule of an elected council. A civil war led to the victorious general declaring himself king, and his lineage remains as rulers of Shanjia (World History - 90).

Recently, Queen Junko has pursued an expansionist policy, conquering several smaller domains and bringing them under her banner (World History - 100).

During Week 34, Elodie will be warned of an impending Shanjian invasion. Whenether she repels the fleet or how she confront Togami will depend on decisions taken during the course of the game and what skills were trained until that point.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Togami's western-style clothes, Shanjia seems to be analogous to an unified China with aspects of Japan and Khan-era Mongolia.
  • The names Togami and Junko are of Japanese origin. They are also the names of two major characters from the visual novel Dangan Ronpa: Byakuya Togami and Junko Enoshima.