Adopting the Long Live the Queen WikiEdit

Hi everyone. I'm writing this here in lieu of a forum or general discussion section.

I started playing LLTQ a year and half ago and since I have become fascinated with it, from the amount of backstory to the way mechanics and decision can easily infuence outcomes in the most subtle ways. Since finding this wiki I've decided to add whatever info I could with the intent of sharing.

However, I've noticed that despite there still being collaborators, there are no administrator or bureaucrats in the site. Adding to this is the amount of outdated features, incomplete, broken or redundant pages, lack of a forum and lazy design choice.

For this reason I wish to request adoption of this wiki, with the intent of also elevating other users to bureaucrats as to make it easier to maintain this site. First though, I want to know if you, as users, are okay with this decision. At the very least, I want to request admin privileges to activate the newer features, forum and put on a nicer background and site icon, while maintenance remains a collaborative effort (as it should to avoid unfair streamlining and censoring).

Anyone who reads this please feel free to respond. If nobody objects or responds in a week, I'll send the adoption petition.

Piroco (talk) 19:58, May 7, 2017 (UTC)