Outfit - Tabard

The Tabard, the outfit unlocked by these skills.

Weapons is a category of skills that covers proficiency at swords, archery, and polearms. 

Studying it unlocks the Tabard outfit when you have 25 in each of the category's three skills. The Tabard adds 10 points to each Weapons sub-skill when worn.

Mood Variables Edit

Weapons skills training is increased by the Angry mood and penalized by the Afraid, Cheerful and Yielding moods, plus the special Injured mood.




















Points Description
10 You take up a wooden sword and practice correct grips and stances.
20 You practice slow swings to move your blade to precisely-marked targets, building up your muscles and control.
30 You drill with a partner, attacking and blocking in carefully timed patterns.
40 You practice moving with a blade - sidestepping, charging, and lunging.
50 You practice using your blade to disarm opponents or shove them backwards.
60 You spar with a partner, trading blows while looking for openings to tag each other.
70 You begin to work with a metal blade, getting the feel for its weight and edge as well as learning how to care for it.
80 You practice drawing your blade and striking at short notice from a variety of positions.
90 You learn techniques for thrusting your blade through armor to disable or kill your opponent.
100 You learn advanced techniques for holding off multiple opponents at once.


Points Description

You learn how to twist and wax bowstring from a variety of fibers.

20 You learn to cut, fletch, and tie arrows.
30 You learn about different styles and sizes of bows - long, short, and recurve.
40 You learn about caring for your bow - how to store it between uses, string and unstring, and check for damage or wear. You also learn that you should never "fire" a bow without an arrow on the string.
50 You strap on protective gear and practice gripping, drawing, and anchoring the bow, before finally loosing a shot.
60 You practice shooting at clearly marked targets across a flat field.
70 You practice shooting at targets of different shapes and sizes in mixed terrain.
80 You practice long-distance shooting, setting arrows into the ground at different ranges.
90 You practice shooting at moving targets.
100 You practice shooting targets while you yourself are moving, pulled along in a chariot.


Points Description
10 You learn about a variety of long weapons, from the quarterstaff to the spear to the halberd and glaive.
20 You practice walking while carrying a long weapon, getting the feel for its size and weight and learning to maneuver without banging it into anything unintentionally.
30 You learn the basic stances, grips, and positions for staff fighting, and how to block a blow without crushing your fingers.
40 You practice standard attacks and sweeps with a long staff.
50 You practice sparring with a partner using a staff.
60 You practice special techniques with a staff, such as twirling it or using it to vault.
70 You practice basic techniques with a long spear, controlling your thrusts to penetrate specific targets.
80 You practice basic swings with a halberd, building up your arm strength while learning to control the movement.
90 You practice sparring with a wooden halberd versus a wooden sword, learning the dangers of overextending or allowing your opponent in too close.
100 You practice with unusual weapons such as the spiked staff, the sword-staff, and the voulge.