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Commoner Uprising Report Edit

If you choose to sent your agents to investigate "Commoner uprisings" during Week 18, and your Commoner Approval is low, you will receive a report. Different flavor text according to Commoner Approval and Cruelty. +1 Angry

Chocolates Report Edit

If the chocolates had a victim during week 33 and you chose to direct your agents toward noble plots/commoner uprisings, you will receive a report on the assassination attempt. Different flavor text according to which direction you chose for your agents, whether there was a civil war, and Commoner Approval. (must test)

If you found poison in the chocolates, or they claimed a victim last week, and recruited Sabine as a spy, she will come back with unpleasant news. She will leave to investigate further, and you'll get to make a choice based on the information later.

Shanjian Invasion Edit

Joslyn informs you of an approaching invading fleet. Flavor text based on whether you choose to direct your agents towards "Foreign threats" during Week 18 or took precautions against Shanjia during Week 25. Choose whether to recruit more soldiers:

  • Recruit soldiers: You spend 2,000 lassi to increase your army
  • Don't: Nothing happens

You call on Talasse for help from Sedna if you are engaged to him.

Joslyn gives you the choice to direct the fleet or stay in the capital. Directing the fleet will give a combat boost to your army based on your Military, Climbing and Wield Magic skills, but expose you to risk; staying in the capital keeps you safe but negates any bonuses you may grant to your army.

If Arisse is your advisor, Test: Naval Strategy + Swimming >=100 to be allowed to lead the fleet, otherwise you stay home. Now choose:

  • Direct the fleet: You will face the enemy fleet next week
  • Stay in the capital: You stay home and leave the fighting to your soldiers

If you choose to direct the fleet and if you're a Lumen, you will consult your magic mentor. If Selene is your mentor, Test: Foreign Intelligence =100 to understand how much of a threat your enemy is.

If you have less than three Lumen in the court (including yourself) you're told there's nothing else you can do. If your mentor is Selene, you're given the choice of recalling Julianna. Choose:

  • Dispatch a messenger: You will execute a magic ritual next week (must test results)
  • Don't: +1 Depressed

If you do have more than three Lumen, you're given the option to sink the enemy fleet with magic. Choose:

  • Use magic against the fleet: You will execute a magic ritual next week, +1 Willful
  • Fight with navy only: You choose not to do the ritual, +1 Afraid

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